Online Purchase

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Step 1: Add products to Cart


Step 2: Proceed to Checkout


Step 3: Fill in Details & Place order. Pay by Juice with your order ID.


Step 4: Make your payment via Juice Merchant Name "RHT Ventures" and number 5970 04 00 or scan QR code


Step 5: iCare team will contact you
and confirm delivery and payment reception.

Order Process

Order online and we deliver next day or the following day.

  • Once you place your order, proceed with your payment by Juice ou MyT.
  • Our Team will call you to confirm your order, payment reception and delivery day.
  • On day of delivery, our driver will call you to inform time of delivery.

How to pay by Juice or MyT Money

Juice Payment

  • Open Juice and enter your password.
  • Option 1: Pay by Scanning our QR Code
    • Click on Scan to Pay
    • Scan below QR code
    • Enter amount and order ID
    • Pay
  • Option 2: Pay by Juice Merchant
    • Go to Pay a Juice Merchant
    • Search for RHT Ventures Ltd
    • Select, enter amount and order ID.
    • Pay

MyT Money

Open MyT app:

  • Click on Scan to Pay
  • Scan QR code for MyT.
  • Enter Amount and order ID.
  • Pay