Eko Core
Digital Stethoscope

A digital stethoscope with analog flavor.


Now on Android and iOS!


Eko Core
Digital Stethoscope

The Eko Core is a complete electronic stethoscope with digital & analog capabilities that wirelessly pairs to the free Eko Mobile App for recording, visualization, sharing, and annotation of sounds.

Key Features

• 40x audio amplification
• 7 volume levels for listening comfort
• Digital (on) and Analog (off) modes
• Rechargeable (9 hours of continuous use per charge)
• Bluetooth LE for wireless Mobile App connection
• Free Eko Mobile App (Currently available on Apple and Android app stores.)


Powerful Software

Visualize, record, and share sounds wirelessly from your Eko Core to your Apple or Android mobile device in real time with our FREE app.
Visualize and playback heart and lung sounds - S1/S2's, murmurs, and bruits.