iCare Bracelet for Alzheimer Patient

Designed for Healthcare market

Icare’s S911 Bracelet Locator HC offers a high sensitivity GPS location tracker with an emergency cell phone on the market for Healthcare and Cognitive Disorder. The S911 Bracelet Locator Healthcare features a SOS emergency button, motion sensor for person down alert, GeoFence protection, quick dial for immediate assistance. It also features a tamper detection.


"The S911 Bracelet Locator will also alert you on emergency situations when the person is unable to communicate."


Security Band

The S911 Bracelet Locator’s Healthcare Security Band also features Tamper Detection. Once the band is cut or clasp is opened, a notification will be sent.

If a patient happens to enter or exit a predefined GeoFence, caretakers or call center can receive the real time alert by email, SMS or phone call. Also with the location and other important information such as time, heading and speed on LocationNow website immediately.

Easy Location

Online and Mobile Application

LocationNow offers a Complete Web Based Tracking Solution using GPS and Wireless Communications, allowing an easy and quick location for mobile assets and people.

The users of S911 Lola, S911 Personal Locator, S911 Bracelet Locator, MicroCovert and Starfinder AVL can access to LocationNow.com

Assisted GPS

G-Shock Sensor
for Fall Alert


Out of
GeoFence Alert

SOS Assistance
with Panic Button

worldwide coverage


**Sim card is required and must be purchased separately.