Welch Allyn Bronze Series
DuraShock Handheld Sphygmomanometer

The DS54 provides a traditional thumbscrew-style air release valve


Welch Allyn’s complete line of aneroid sphygmomanometers incorporating shock-resistant DuraShock technology offers practical benefits compared to traditional aneroid sphygmomanometers. This is especially beneficial in busy medical environments where equipment needs to be as robust as possible

Welch Allyn® DuraShock™ Technology

With DuraShock Technology, Welch Allyn B.P. gauges:

Remain in calibration longer than traditional aneroid B.P. gauges, providing you with more accurate readings.
Do not need to be replaced as often as traditional aneroid B.P. gauges, giving you a lower lifetime cost.
Have the only gauge capable of passing AAMI’s shock-resistant specification of surviving a 76 cm drop onto a hard surface and remaining in calibration.

Product Specifications
Short description Welch Allyn Durashock DS54 Sphygmomanometer
Manufacturer Welch Allyn
Type of Model Manual
Upper arm or wrist Upper Arm
MPN DS-5401-189
Cuff Single Cuff
ASIN Override B007JUOTDS
What’s Included 1x Durashock gauge and inflation bulb.
1x Flexiport cuff – Adult 11 (25-34cm),
tube and connector
1x Soft zippered carry case

Welch Allyn® DuraShock™ Technology

An ideal budget sphyg from Welch Allyn, part of their Bronze Series of sphygmomanometers. It features a thumbscrew air-release system.

Welch Allyn’s innovative Durashock technology keeps this sphygmomanometer calibrated, even when dropped or bumped, making it accurate and reliable.
Shock resistant to maintain accurate blood pressure readings with lower lifetime costs. It can withstand up to a 30” drop and remain in calibration.
Comes complete with a carry case for convenient storage and protection.
Includes a thumbscrew air-release valve for slow and gradual air release.